Chris Pine and Ben Foster to Team Up Again with David Mackenzie for Netflix


It seems as if Netflix is making all my dreams come true as Chris Pine and Ben Foster will team up once again with David Foster for a new movie.

Netflix must look at my Twitter account daily to see what I want their content to be. That’s the only way this project makes sense. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, David Mackenzie and Chris Pine are teaming up once more, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And guess who is going to be in it too?

That’s right, Ben Foster is also joining the cast. So it is Hell or High Water part 2 and you just know I’m going to take off work to make sure I watch it as it goes live. Outlaw King will feature Pine and Foster will take on the epic period drama.

Robert the Bruce, the character that Pine is in talks for, is Scottish. All my hopes and dreams are coming to fruition, basically. No, in actuality, this project seems pretty amazing.

As someone whose grandfather came to America from Scotland, we have a wonderful history that not many Americans know. They read Macbeth and think they understand us but that’s not all the rich history that Scotland has.

So with this new Netflix film, we’re not only getting a wonderful period piece but we’re also on the way to getting a reunion of Pine, Foster and Mackenzie. And after Hell or High Water, that is a combination that practically guarantees a wonderful film for us all to enjoy.

Just stop and think about Chris Pine with a Scottish accent and in a kilt. It’s a great thought, and you’re welcome for that imagery to help you get through Tuesday.

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