40 binge-worthy TV shows: Watch them all right now because who needs sleep

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Photo: Netflix

Bojack Horseman – Netflix

From one end of the gender continuum to the other, Bojack Horseman takes on modern masculinity in a darkly funny animated series. As Netflix’s first stab at animation, it’s definitely not for kids.

Bojack Horseman, the lead character, is a washed up, former actor from the ’90s, who is looking to make a comeback 18 years after having a popular sitcom on TV. Wading through a sea of self-loathing and addiction, he is desperate to regain some of his former fame, but he’s having a really hard time navigating modern conventions like Twitter and the new paparazzi.

With a human sidekick and cat ex-girlfriend (who is also his agent), he’s determined to get his life on track, but he’s continually sucked down by his bouts with depression and anxiety. In fact, it’s been applauded as one of the most authentic depictions of mental illness on television.

Despite it being about a cartoon horse, it’s offering an important contribution to the conversation about depression. It offers a gritty look at what it means to crave happiness and find it completely elusive. It’s a timely look at life in the 20-teens despite its surreal and fictional settings.

Starring: Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, Alison Brie, and Amy Sedaris