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Fleabag – Amazon Prime Video

Warning, you need to be in a really healthy emotional place to participate with Fleabag. Its heartbreaking moments will sneak up on you and punch you right in the feels. Before you know it, you’re sniveling into your Pinot Grigio, reevaluating your life in a real way.

With only six, half-hour episodes, Fleabag is a quick watch, but it gets pretty heavy. The lead character, Fleabag (we never learn her real name), is suffering the long-term consequences of a recent tragedy, but we don’t really get the whole story right away. They bring us along as Fleabag relives it through snatches of memory. Although you  might not really be fully on her side about the whole matter, you will empathize with her feelings because they are so authentic and genuine.

It’s another contribution to the millennial canon, but its reach transcends this audience, for sure. It’s just so honest. It reveals its characters in ways that other shows might be afraid to. The lead character is not really all that likable, but we can see life from her side through the whole series. I’ll warn you, you don’t really get a whole lot of redemption from the show, but you will definitely come out on the other side more empathetic.

Starring: Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Olivia Coleman