11 Pop Culture Releases You Need to Know About in May

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7. Baywatch

(Warning: above trailer contains language that is not safe for work. This movie is rated R, everyone!)

An R-rated Baywatch may seem rather ridiculous, but if you look at the above trailer with the warning in mind, the ridiculousness seems to be the whole point of the movie in the first place. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spends a good portion of the trailer casually mocking and messing with Zac Efron’s Olympic-swimmer-turned-lifeguard. What’s perhaps even funnier is that at least some of Efron’s character reactions (especially the one about not knowing what the hand gestures mean) are equally as fun to see.

But alas, the movie does have a plot beyond “an excessive amount of slow-motion and people in bathing suits saving lives.” Priyanka Chopra plays a not-so-innocent club owner who has introduced crime to the beach that the lifeguards of Baywatch keep an eye on. However, the police in the film apparently won’t take too kindly to a bunch of lifeguards investigating, which probably makes things even funnier overall.

So, just to sum up, we have a gorgeous villainess from the star of Quantico, Dwayne Johnson being a somewhat jerkish hero, and Zac Efron getting to exercise his comedy chops.

Baywatch premieres May 25 in theaters.