11 Pop Culture Releases You Need to Know About in May

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11. Alien: Covenant

Isn’t the whole point of the Alien movies watching xenomorphs hunt and stalk humans while said humans try and destroy them (or at least get away from them) before they get killed first? Covenant seems to fall in that formula, featuring a team from Weyland-Yutani attempting to settle on a new planet.

The problem: someone’s already there … okay, that someone presumably being David from Prometheus, and also a whole bunch of xenomorphs who are not happy to share their territory and nesting grounds with humans. Xenomorphs are just not good sharers on the whole.

Alas, they’re not in outer space, so we will be able to hear these new humans scream, unlike the first film’s famous tagline. Speaking of Alien, Ridley Scott directed Covenant, too.

In the past week, 20th Century Fox has released what they’ve dubbed a prologue to the film, “The Crossing,” which links Prometheus and Covenant together. A second introductory video, “Last Supper,” shows the characters of the Covenant before the bulk of them will probably get horribly murdered by facehuggers or more grown xenomorphs.

Anyway, the film will drop on May 19, so you have some time if you want to pick up the earlier films and go through a re-watch prior to the latest iteration of big-screen horror.