11 Pop Culture Releases You Need to Know About in May

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2. House of Cards

Francis Underwood is still President of the United States, but there’s a looming election, he nominated his wife for his vice-president, and Claire seems to have learned that there’s a camera watching her too if the last scene of season 4 is any indication. She didn’t get to narrate, but that might very well change.

That’s about where House of Cards season 5 will start off, and somehow we get the sense that things may very well get worse before they get better. (And even saying better is itself a relative term considering that the Underwoods, despite being our protagonists, are not nice people. That’s putting it mildly, too.)

All four previous seasons are on Netflix. Since this next season won’t premiere until May 30, there’s plenty of time to binge your way through the rest of the series in order to remind yourself of all of the twists and turns that have marked the Underwoods’ time in the spotlight.

Speaking of Netflix, they haven’t advertised this season very much other than that release date announcement teaser above. Stay tuned for another trailer or hopefully some clips during the month of May … but don’t be surprised if Netflix keeps their cards (pun intended again) close to their chest.