Once Upon a Time Spoilers: The Evil Queen Wants to Rap in the Musical Episode


As Once Upon a Time prepares for its musical episode, it looks like one star in particular really wanted to make a theatrical debut.

Before Hamilton, rapping was sort of an ironic suggestion coming from white people. Do white people rap? Yeah, duh. I love Peanut M&M’s and Andy Samberg is hilarious. Because what Hamilton demonstrated was that it’s about the music and not who’s singing it or how. It’s the art.

But to imagine a rap number in a show about fairy tales is just one extra little bit of hilarity that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy today. While Lana Parrilla’s father was born in Puerto Rico, a majority of the Once Upon a Time‘s main cast is milk white.

Parrilla (The Evil Queen / Regina Mills) told Entertainment Weekly.

"“I’m hoping to wrap. That’s just the Brooklyn girl in me that wants to rap. I just pitched that idea. I haven’t gotten a response. I am hoping to rap, but it’s highly unlikely.”"

Naturally, rapping may seem out of place, but I would be open to trying it … for laughs. Once Upon a Time‘s season 6 has been kind of heavy, so I wouldn’t mind easing all the tension between the savior and her doomed fate with a little bit of rap.

As Parrilla explains, it’s supposed to be fun:

"“I think the whole idea of all of us doing something different is exciting too, and we’ve been singing on set, and in between takes, and kind of warming our voices up, but also I think really just gearing up for this really fun episode that we are about to do.”"

Though she didn’t share why everyone starts singing, she did say it’s not by choice.

Of course, for any fans of Supergirl on The CW, that show also just did a musical episode alongside The Flash. Basically, a villain came and cast a spell on the two superheroes.

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So is it possible that someone casts a spell on Storybrooke? It is possible and the most likely reason. The show’s about magic. Facts are facts.

New episodes of Once Upon a Time air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.