Catastrophe Season 3 is Here and Brought Back our Favorite Characters


If you’re not watching Catastrophe, then you’re surely missing out but this season has a bit of a sadness to it because of the late Carrie Fisher.

Catastrophe is back and season 3 is just as amazing as ever. But there is a touch of sadness when it comes to Rob’s mom. For those who hadn’t seen the show, Carrie Fisher played the mother to Rob Norris in Catastrophe.

There was a crossed eyed joke that many didn’t take notice of but if you’re like me (someone with a lazy eye), it wasn’t exactly fun. Just a small moment that the show then blew off like it was nothing. I just personally thought it wasn’t necessary.

Other than that, the show was very much everything we love about it. Sharon and Rob are working on their issues from the last season while dealing with Sharon’s father and his dementia as well as their money problems.

This season focused more on Rob’s alcoholism as well as Sharon’s guilt for making out with a university student while they were still broken up. But really what meant the most this season was the performance that Carrie Fisher gave in her final acting moments. She was filming Catastrophe when she flew back to Los Angeles and suffered from a heart attack.

The show took a turn for a weirdly poetic turn when Sharon’s dad, much like Carrie, suffered from a life changing thing on a plane. Her dad suffered a stroke on the plane ride back to Ireland. That brought Sharon and her brother Fergal back to Ireland.

The final episode of the season featured Carrie quite a bit and it was honestly one of her best performances to date. She was brilliant and everything we loved about her. It’s a shame that this is the last we’ll see of her on Catastrophe. 

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You can watch all three seasons of the show on Amazon Prime. They’re available to everyone with a subscription to Amazon. And really, it might be worth it to get the subscription just to watch this show. It is amazing!