Why Catastrophe is the Show You Should be Watching


The Amazon original series Catastrophe had fans laughing and falling in love since season one. So why aren’t you watching it yet?

Castastrophe is the foul mouthed television show that took our hearts and ran away with it. Meaning, we watched the first season and instantly wanted twelve more. The very adult show (so don’t want to watch it with your kids) features creators and stars Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan.

And better yet? Guess who plays Rob’s mother? The late, great Carrie Fisher in one of her best roles yet. And it was what she was filming before she took the plane back to Los Angeles that would be her last.

The show itself is great because it follows two people who sleep together a few times before Rob has to go back to America. But once he is back in Boston, he finds out that Sharon, the woman he slept with, is pregnant.

It just follows these two people trying to navigate parenthood and falling in love with one another in a way that no show really has ever done before. That and both Rob and Sharon do an amazing job of making these somewhat terrible people likable. You care about them in a way that you wouldn’t in most television shows out there.

It is a modern family comedy and it does a great job of capturing a level of comedic intelligence that many shows are missing nowadays. That and it’s just really fun to watch.

Why You Should Watch

Catastrophe doesn’t dance around the points it is trying to make. Every single ‘family’ comedy tries to make it seem like even families with their problems sort it all out in the end because they love each other. While Rob and Sharon do love one another, they’re not perfect and everything doesn’t always end on a happy note.

Look at shows like Modern Family. They want to show the average family or what a ‘modern’ family looks like but in reality, it is still a little Leave It To Beaver-esque. Catastrophe doesn’t try and be something it’s not. It shows why it’s hard, especially in the modern age, to raise a family and the struggles adults go through.

It is one of the first shows about a family that isn’t all about the kids and how the parents raise them. This is honestly about Rob and Sharon and who the two try and keep a relationship against everything that comes along with parenting.

With this show, we watch the destruction of a marriage with their friends Chris and Fran. The couple struggles and finally breaks up, much to the confusion of Rob and Sharon. But it’s the reality that faces a lot of couples nowadays and most comedies don’t attempt it.

It’s just a great show because it is the only one that really practices what it preaches. Every comedy selling you the idea of being ‘truthful’ to a modern day family is lying to you. Half of the families nowadays are broken (meaning the parents are divorced) or the couples who are together met in some unorthodox way.

We live in a different society from the Beavers and it is nice to see a comedy reflect what a lot of families and couples look like now.

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So what should you do in your free time? Go and catch up on the show! There are only two seasons and they are available currently on Amazon. Catastrophe is amazing and you don’t want to be out of the loop on this one!