Trailer for the Finale Episode of Sherlock is Revealed


The fate of Sherlock still hangs in the balance and the trailer for the final episode of season 4 does nothing to answer our questions.

Sherlock season 4 only has one episode left and we don’t know if that’s the last trailer we’ll ever get or not. The show is infamous for its long breaks between seasons. For example, I graduated high school and college and lived in a city for three years before getting season 4. Because, you know, 4 seasons in 6 years isn’t normal. Especially when there are only three episodes a season.

But if this is the final season of the beloved show, at least it is going out on a high note. While the first episode of the season was a bit rocky, the second reminded us what we loved about the show. And now, we have the Holmes brothers going against their biggest foe yet: their sister.

The end up last episode found John at the end of Euros Holmes’ gun. With a bullet flying freely and a trailer that reveals John is fine and helping Sherlock and Mycroft combat Euros, the question now is how did he get free?

The trailer is only 20 seconds long but gives us a lot of information for what we can see in this finale. What it doesn’t tell us? The fate of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

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So whether or not Sherlock will return is still in the air but at least we know that season 4 seems to be going out with quite a bang. Literally. There is a huge explosion in the trailer. But we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for the ever loved show. Because we know that we’re definitely not done with it yet.