20 of the Worst Superhero Costumes

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Thor (Image via Marvel)

4. X-Treme ’90s Fabio Thor

Say what you will about Thor, but he’s often a friend to women. He’s more often a gentleman than not, though he can be a goofy one who forgets the ins and outs of Earth customs. Still, Thor is generally cool.

And, it appears, he’s also willing to dip his toe into the trend of oddly scanty superhero garments. While this has largely plagued female superheroes, Thor is … well, I’m not sure what he was doing here. At least he probably has some empathy for Power Girl now.

I’m specifically referring to the Thor of “The Crossing” event, in which many of the Avengers switched out their old costumes for ridiculous new ones. This version of that character first appeared in 1994. What, you must be asking, a ridiculous character design that arose out of 1990s comics? I know, you’re shocked.

The strange thing about this outfit is that comics Thor rarely wore it. The crop top, skin tight assemblage with what must have been a desperately uncomfortable metal codpiece was used mostly for promotional materials. The storyline Thor instead preferred a general state of shirtlessness, complete with egregiously long blonde hair. Can you blame him? Still, even though there were only brief glimpses of this design, it’s difficult to forget the awfulness of this costume.