20 of the Worst Superhero Costumes

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Power Girl (Image via DC Comics)

2. Power Girl

Like many superheroes, Power Girl is the product of someone messing around with timelines and alternate dimensions. She’s originally from Earth-Two, a version of our own reality with plenty of tragic backstory (Earth-Two’s Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman are all dead). Power Girl, also known as Kara Zor-El, is Earth-Two’s version of Supergirl. When she gets stranded in our reality, however, she decides to take on a new moniker and one hell of a costume.

If you’re a fan of comics or superheroes in general, then chances are good that you’ve already encountered Power Girl’s costume. It’s practically famous, or infamous, depending on who you speak to.

So, what’s the big deal? For many, Power Girl’s costume is supremely illustrative of the way in which comics artists have objectified female bodies. After all, Power Girl sports a high-cut swimsuit type affair, with an inexplicable cut out that appears to be there only to show off her substantial cleavage.

Why the “boob window”? From a real-world perspective, creators pretty much wanted a tantalizing design. In the world of the comics, Power Girl kind of sort of meant to fix it, but just never got around to closing the window. In JSA: Classified #2 (October 2005), she tells Superman that “the first time I made this costume, I wanted to have a symbol, like you…. I thought eventually, I’d figure it out. And close the hole. But I haven’t”.

While various redesigns have come up with plenty of ways to give Power Girl a little coverage, people just keep coming back to the window. Maybe Kryptonians just can’t feel the cold, or aren’t too worried about aerodynamics.