20 of the Worst Superhero Costumes

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11. At Least 75% Of Hawkeye’s Wardrobe In General

Unfortunately, however, many of Hawkeye’s other costumes were still downright strange. Nothing will quite top the circus miniskirt experiment, but other versions of his get-ups stray awfully close to fashion disasters.

Who, after all, could forget one of his most classic looks? In the 1980s, when Hawkeye first got his own self-titled comics series, he seemed especially fond of the color purple. While more modern costumes tone down the purple and keep it to an accent color, 1980s Hawkeye was having none of that “restraint” nonsense. He was often seen in a bright combination of purple and blue.

Of course, Clint Barton didn’t stop there. He often wore a domino-style mask with egregiously large points on top. The mask was accompanied by a hood – also purple – with a large letter “H”, just in case anyone got confused or forgot how to begin spelling Hawkeye’s superhero name. Some appearances even feature some groovy boots with large, floppy cuffs. Believe it or not, Barton also had some practical accessories, including his specialty of a bow and arrow.

Happily, modern-day Hawkeye has discarded his more ridiculous accessories for a less exciting but more workable uniform. That’s probably a smart choice, given that Hawkeye is one of the few superheroes in the Marvel universe without actual mutations or ridiculous superpowers.