20 of the Worst Superhero Costumes

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9. Good Guy Magneto

Or, Magneto decides to try out a caftan.

Sometimes, simplicity works. After all, as the 1990s showed us, too much in a costume can make its wearer the subject of ridicule. But just because an outfit is streamlined doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good.

Witness the case of Magneto. In Uncanny X-Men #150, writer Chris Claremont began to reveal that Magneto was actually an old friend of the X-Men’s leader, Charles Xavier (a.k.a., Professor X). Though the two had developed wildly different ideas about how humans and mutant were to coexist, they still remained in contact.

In fact, they were on such decent terms that, when Xavier decided to gallivant around the universe as a form of recuperation, he asked Magneto to run his mutant school.

Since Magneto had to move on over to the good side, he had to ditch his previous look. After all, many people associated his iconic helmet and suit with pure evil. His solution, though? Not great. Magneto decided to go with a kind of sleeveless caftan onesie with a giant, droopy “M” on the front. He paired it with opera-length gloves and a dramatic cape. Everything was, of course, purple. Luckily, Magneto eventually got rid of his undoubtedly comfy but stylistically disastrous look.