Bad Guys Gone Good: Our Favorite TV Villains Who Turned Over a New Leaf

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Lucifer Morningstar – Lucifer

The devil is supposed to be a bad guy, right? So it seems when we first meet Lucifer Morningstar. Although he’s a watered down version of the Prince of Darkness, his penchant for the seven deadly sins could put  him firmly in the bad guy column.

His proximity to humans, one in particular, is his redemption, and Lucifer not only makes a change in behavior, but does a complete about face. When he partners with the human detective, Chloe, and agrees to help her solve murders in the Los Angeles Police Department, he softens even more.

Lucifer falls in love with Chloe, cementing his place as a really good guy. He continually sacrifices for her, giving up not only his demonic lifestyle, but even kill his own brother and turns on his own mother. He completely forsakes any times to his underworld past, and devotes himself to finding murderers.

Who’s to say whether he’s doing it for the greater good, or just to impress a girl, but no matter his motivations, Lucifer went from being Satan to something resembling a hero. In the very least, he’s a decent boyfriend to Chloe, and that’s nothing to take for granted these days.