Bad Guys Gone Good: Our Favorite TV Villains Who Turned Over a New Leaf

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Anne Boleyn – The Tudors

I guess it really depends on who you ask if Anne Boleyn was a villain or not. She did seduce the King while he was still married to another woman. And she really did get pregnant with his baby, forcing him to marry her to legitimize the child. Some could argue, Anne was only working within her abilities of the time, but others characterize her as temptress and vixen that used her feminine wiles for evil instead of good.

Once she married King Henry VIII, her power grew exponentially and she made a great many enemies. She used her influence as the Queen to carry out her agenda, and she may have overstepped her place as his wife.

As time went on, she lost favor with the King, which led to her beheading. In the days and weeks leading up to her death, many men came forward to (probably) falsely accuse her of infidelity and betrayal. It seems her only crime was failing to produce a male heir for King Henry, and she went to her grave denying any wrong doing. Moments before her execution, she swore her love and loyalty to the King and declared, to God, that she had never been unfaithful.