Fox Has Brought Back The X-Files Again


The adventures of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder haven’t come to an end just yet, but fans will have to wait a little while for more episodes.

Apparently, the ’90s are seriously en vogue again. Not only will the Twin Peaks revival air starting next month, but Fox brought back The X-Files last year for six episodes with both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. According to Variety, the miniseries scored some massive ratings. How massive? Try 20 million viewers in three days for the premiere.

A few months ago, it seemed as though an eleventh season (and therefore a second miniseries) could very well happen. The schedules, though, had to work out. Fortunately, they have. Entertainment Weekly reports that all the necessary deals have been made, and that season 11 will appear on Fox sometime in the 2017-18 television season.

Yes, that means there’s more Scully and Mulder to love. In fact, there’s even more: EW says there will be 10 episodes, not six as in the original revival.

Fox has done quite a few reboots and continuations lately, and with such a big success the first time around, it makes perfect sense to keep The X-Files going (as opposed to something like The Exorcist, which you may have forgotten started airing on Fox during this current television season).

EW doesn’t have a true release date for the season just yet, but does report that things should kick off this summer. Will Fox wait until the winter of 2018 to air the show again, hoping to capitalize on a relatively dead period while shows are on winter hiatus? That seems quite likely, honestly.

Additionally, The X-Files remains pretty popular anyway. There’s been a recent announcement of a new audio drama, Cold Cases, coming this summer. It seems like a wonderful way to lead into the show returning.

David Duchovny tweeted out a fantastic GIF to confirm the new season:

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There are a lot of Xes in that GIF. Alas, it only says “Coming Soon.”