The Truth May Still Be Out There: New X-Files Coming Soon?


Following last year’s mini-series event, more X-Files episodes are likely in the near future, if Fox can work out a deal with the show’s stars.

2016 was hated on fairly universally, and for good reason. But despite the piles of trash that constantly seemed to be heaped upon us as a collective country, we also had some good times. And by ‘some’ I mean ‘one’, and by ‘good times’ I mean ‘revival of the hit 1990’s television goldmine that is The X-Files.’

The six new episodes we got last year on Fox were often wacky, sometimes disorienting, but always, always, always worth it. And, following an announcement from Fox president David Madden, it looks like we may be in for even more delightful spookiness. On Wednesday as part of the Television Critics Association press tour, he told reporters that though the network wasn’t ready to make any specific announcements immediately, news of another revival special was likely to be announced “shortly.”

And in his vague announcement-that-wasn’t-really-an-announcement, he also hinted that though we won’t get a full season, we’re probably going to get more than last year’s six. (That would mean anything between seven and, say, 20 episodes.) I know we’ve been told to trust no one, and it’s very premature, but I just can’t help my excitement.

The imminent official announcement is, of course, dependent on the availability of the show’s stars, the flirty, beautiful nerds Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. (Let’s face it: The X-Files wouldn’t be the same without Scully and Mulder.)

But if their frequent enthusiasm toward the continuation of the series, clear affection for each other, and (likely) pressure from millions of adoring X-Philes every time they leave the house have any bearing on reality, odds are pretty high we’ll be wanting to believe again sometime in 2018.

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That is, if actual aliens haven’t taken over by then. We’ll see.