iZombie Season 3 Episode 3 “Eat, Pray, Liv” Recap


iZombie returned this week with anything but peace and tranquility, despite a dead lifestyle guru. Check out our recap of this week’s tension filled episode.

So it turns out that Major Lillywhite, former social worker/counselor with the heart of gold, is no natural born mercenary – and his training officer and team are starting to see that. At least, however, he’s made a friend in fellow trainee/zombie Justin. Plus, they get GoGurt brains, which mean no visions, which is a bonus to mercenary camp.

Blaine and Peyton, meanwhile, are spending more time together – including at the bar where Blaine is now playing. Note: any episode with David Anders singing is a gift, and a big, fat reminder that we are all owed a musical episode. (How can you have David and Aly in a scene together and tell me anything different?)

In town, a lifestyle guru is killed while meditating, which will now be a fun image to have any time I’m doing sun salutations from now on. As a result, Liv spends the episode calm, zen and centered, which is more than anyone else can really say, lately. (She deserves it. We’ll give her that.)

Ravi, of course, is still wrestling with what to do about the Peyton situation, and they conveniently have a guest at the lab — Katy Kupps, his old boss from the CDC who is getting uncomfortably close to the truth about zombies which seems like it’ll just cause a problem. Blame my distrust (or, lack of hope in) of the CDC when it comes to zombie outbreaks on The Walking Dead, if you’d like.

He does, however, muster up the courage to finally go and talk to Peyton, which does not go as lovely as some of us (cough cough) may have hoped. He apologized for being a bad friend, and admits that he rationally knows she didn’t do anything wrong, but he’s hurt. Thinking of her and Blaine, knowing about them, eats away at him.

And she snaps, getting it all off her chest. It turns out she didn’t know who Blaine was when she slept with him, and after everything with Mr. Boss, he was there. But she doesn’t need help with judging herself, and what did he expect? An apology from her?

"“I’ve beaten myself up enough on my own, I don’t need your help.”"

(Both sides are valid and human responses, and I just want these two to work things out because they’d have beautiful children and they work and they both deserve all the happiness, okay?)

And just after their conversation, she goes over to Blaine’s – to see him sitting with his father, Angus, having a good old, happy family reunion and a discussion of the will that is now null. Blaine wants to meet up, swap stories and bond. Angus tells him a story about when Blaine was 11 and got caught selling his mother’s earrings. “That was the day I admitted to myself that the sight of you made me sick.”

Father of the Year, that one.

Back to the case: the dead guru turns out to have been a former Venture Capitalist who had been linked to a case that got one of his peers arrested and jailed for five years. Hello, motive.

Major, as it so happens, is coughing up his lungs and I’m Officially Nervous. He stops by Blaine’s to ask about Natalie, who he is still trying desperately to find (with only one lead). They speak easily, and it turns out Blaine may have been of some help —  as long as Major lives long enough to see this rescue through. (Sidenote: Here’s hoping he also lives long enough to be friends with Blaine for real, because that was a relationship I never saw coming and have to admit…I’d enjoy it.)

Ravi checks him out, and deduces that Major has weeks — if that — before he has to take the cure, memory loss and all. His memory loss serum isn’t totally ready, yet. Instead, they need a guinea pig, if Blaine will happen to agree to it.

As far as the case goes, they realize that the guru’s former VC partner may not be the killer – but maybe his brother-in-zen Devin is (his foot being the right size, for one), and nothing was actually as peaceful as it seemed. How rude. In the end, of course, it was Mitch, the scorned partner – who didn’t cover his own tracks half as well as he believed.

Major progressively gets worse as the episode goes on, even as Liv and new friend Justin play their dance video game in the living room as if the world is all fun, games and excitement. Major looks on, wistful for a minute, before his face falls, his fate inevitably hanging over his head.

If Major Lillywhite dies, there will be a strongly worded letter from me, mark my word.

The gang, including Blaine, meets in the lab to discuss their options – for Blaine to try the serum, the second cure, get his memories back and help Major. When he first declines, Ravi snaps again, blaming Blaine for the fact that Major is even a zombie in the first place (Liv, too), calling him out to be a fundamentally decent person. Peyton fights back, and Ravi, in the heat of the moment, confesses his love for her.

But I can’t help but admit that Ravi was nothing but right. Blaine has done so much evil, to all of them in the room and more, and he owes the world. It’s a chance to do something better, something meaningful.

Somewhere along the line, Blaine agrees to it, and once again, we have hope.

Angus and Don E open their new brain supplying business and restaurant endeavor, The Scratching Post, and quite frankly, I’m feeling uneasy about the whole thing, if we’re being honest. Stay tuned.

Later that night, Peyton goes over to Ravi’s, confronting him – if he loves her, why wasn’t he there for her, why did he manage to make everything about him? And finally, finally, they’re having this moment, saying what they want, saying they want each other, kissing –

Only for Peyton to realize there’s another woman (Katy, yikes, Ravi) at the house before storming out.

Because we can’t just have happiness for one minute, apparently.

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So, readers, what do we think? Is Major making it through the season alive (well, you know what I mean)? Will Ravi find the cure for memory loss? Is Blaine team Good Guys for good, now? Will Peyton and Ravi ever get to be happy for more than a minute? Sound off in the comments below, and tune in next week!