iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 “Zombie Knows Best” Recap


iZombie was back this week with what may be one of their best crafted episodes, weaving multiple storylines and timelines and perfectly balancing the comedy with the emotional gut punches. Here’s our recap of “Zombie Knows Best.”

It was, like, a totally killer episode of iZombie this week.

First of all, we learned so much more of Clive’s relationship with the deceased Wally and his family, and it is pulling at every heart string. Even before we knew who Wally was to Clive, Malcolm Goodwin wrecked us emotionally last week. So, this week’s flashbacks (done so perfectly, every show take note, please) packed even more of a punch. It turns out that Clive had been neighbors with Wally and his family, back in the day, and had intervened in a dispute involving Wally’s abusive father once. From then on, he took a sort of fatherly role in the boy’s life, and became a fixture in the lives of Wally and his mother, Anna – to the point where it almost, almost was something even more.

That is, until Clive went undercover. Their family picture crumbled, and Clive learns, by the end of the episode, that Anna never got back in touch with him because of her and Wally’s zombie status.

And the part that really, truly got me? We learned it was Wally who got Clive, a known Game of Thrones mega fan, into the series, when Clive first babysat him. It was their thing. (Cue all my tears.)

Meanwhile, at the center of the episode is the vehicular homicide investigation. The father and teenage daughter duo give Liv and Major their next opportunity to eat. Purely by the laws of “dibs,” Liv eats the father’s brains first, leaving Major to eat the brains of a modern day, technology obsessed teenage girl and gifting us with what might be Robert Buckley’s best performance and storyline to date. (I’ll never be over this.)

The selfies! The one liners! The Katy Perry jams! The drama! Did I mention the selfies?

This whole episode was a gift, I tell you. A gift!

Through visions and the help of a vampire-looking, wannabe Prince of Darkness IT guy, they discover that the girl’s best friend, another teen girl named Winslow, had been fighting with her in the days before her death – and it was over a video sent by Winslow, in bed with her step-father.


When Clive and Liv get digging into it, they discover that Winslow’s stepfather, Ken, was indeed having a “consensual” – still statutory and very illegal – affair with Winslow, and that his truck was about the size of the vehicle that hit Stan and Cindy’s car, killing them. More than that, the front bumper had been replaced on his truck. Bingo.

It looked like a sure way to convict either Winslow or Ken – but in the end, it was Winslow’s mother, who had (thanks, IT Criss Angel!) installed a spying app on Winslow’s phone and knew about the affair between her daughter and new husband. It would have shamed the whole family. It would’ve been embarrassing. When she found out that Cindy knew and had told her father, who wanted to go to the police with the information, she took matters into her own hands.

All in the family, am I right?

And yes, for the record, Ravi’s heart is still broken. He may not have had the most screentime this week, but when he tells Liv that he’s starting to know what it feels like to not be totally in control of your brain and reactions, my heart may have audibly cracked.

Outside of the official investigation, Liv, Clive, Ravi and Major are still working on their own investigations – finding the people who murdered Wally’s family, and Major finding Natalie. It turns out, after listening to Chuck Burd’s shows and doing some research, that one caller – who claims to have found tubes of brains in his trash – was particularly anti-zombie and just so happened to be the neighbor of Wally’s family. When Liv puts that together, and that the tubes are very real (thanks to Major for that information from Vivian’s team), she and Clive go check him out.

The guy is hateful and just generally sucks. He’s not the murderer, though. All they learn from him, in the end, is that he is a member on a message board of anti-zombie fanatics, and any of the hundreds of them could’ve hacked his account and found out where he lived, knowing he had zombies for neighbors.

They’re no closer to the killer, but they’ve now confirmed that humans are starting to know the truth. War is very much here. Zombies are being hunted: that’s a fact.

Whatever’s next is going to be big, and yet, I’m still feeling uneasy. We don’t know anything more about Vivian Stoll. Yet here she is, rallying troops and seemingly having gained the trust of Liv, Clive and Major. (When she says to Clive that the other zombies would trust him as a cop because he’s on their team, with such ease and confidence – take note.)

I can’t help shake the feeling that Vivian Stoll is playing puppet master, and may have something to do with all of it – including Wally and his family.

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What do you think, readers? Who is behind Wally and Anna’s murders? Is war inevitable? Sound off in the comments!