50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Sue Ellen Ewing – Dallas

Sue Ellen Ewing knew how to strike a balance between power dressing and dressing for the male gaze. In fact, I believe she created the notion that these were one and the same. Both practical and wildly sexy, Sue Ellen knew how to capture the glamor of the 1980s and balance it with working ensembles fit for the working Texas ranch on which she lived.

With a lot of shoulder pads, beads, and bangs, Sue Ellen knew how to be both a Southern lady and a boss. Of course, she always had to dress for what ever scheme she was plotting at the time, and her wardrobe had to provide the mobility to both throw a drink on someone and slap their face. She also had to dress for afternoon whiskey and all those fancy Dallas charity functions.

Later, when she became the boss of her company, she rocked so many power suits, you would have thought she was born in one. Long before we were a “pantsuit nation,” Sue Ellen was turning up at board meetings to run the show in the most immaculate and tailored suits imaginable. She looked so good, we almost forgive her for being part of the “Big Oil” conglomerate.

Photo: Chuck Hodes/FOX

Cookie Lyon – Empire

Cookie Lyon may have spent 17 years in jail, but that did stop her from keeping up on exactly how to look like a suitcase full of money everyday. You can’t convince this media mogul (or me, for that matter) that less is more, because excess is a deliberate style choice for this lady. She wants it all, and she wants to wear it loud and make everyone look at her when she walks into a room.

The very best thing about Cookie is that she never bothers to consider conventions or standards of appropriate measures. Her best accessory is confidence, and she wears every stitch of clothing like she owns the whole world. And if you ask her, she does.  With success comes wealth, and Cookie uses hers to craft an image of luxury, decadence, and style.

Cookie is a firm believer in dressing for the woman you want to be that day, and she continues to reinvent herself over and over. Whether it’s head to toe animal print, a purple fur, or the longest nails imaginable, Cookie can’t be told she doesn’t look good. Because she always, always does. Her image might change from day to day, but there’s no doubt she knows exactly who she is, and won’t conform to anybody’s idea of fashion.