50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Randall Pearson – This is Us

Randall might be the most conservative of the Pearson clan, but he’s also the most dapper. As some sort of money executive who also has to grapple with weather trends, he has to be, at least, a little buttoned down. But a traditional suit doesn’t have to be boring, and Randall takes his suit- game to a whole new level.

When Randall is dashing and charming in his daytime suit, he adopts the most adorable dad style. Layering tees over flannels over vests, he looks like a J. Crew model who just happens to be taking his kids to their soccer game. Never one to surrender form for function, that easy style is an endearing compliment to his high strung personality. Which, let’s face it, is just part of his charm.

He’s not rigid at all, either. After meeting, and getting to know, his dying father, Randall loosened up in a lot of ways, including his clothing choices. Apparently, he used to have a whole different style, wearing round, flip glasses and rocked a giant Afro. This might seem a little out of character, but Randall is so gentle and unassuming, he could probably wear a paper sack and people would still think he looks cool.