50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo: BBC

John Watson – Sherlock

Deductive reasoning really is the best thing a man can possess when he’s partnered with a mystery solving dynamo. John Watson might not be the star of the show, but he definitely has a lot to offer, and I don’t just mean all those snazzy sweater and Oxford shirt combos he likes to deploy on a regular basis. Here’s what I mean.

As a doctor and surgeon, Watson has to keep things simple and understated, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have room to take advantage of his naturally captivating personality. If you can tear your eyes off Watson’s adorable face (and yes, it’s hard, since it is Martin Freeman we’re talking about here), you’d notice that his personal style is as relaxed and as low-key as he usually is. It really contrasts nicely to Sherlock Holmes’ neater style of dress and love of tight shirts, which is good since they’re usually on screen together.

Watson’s wardrobe consists of a lot of corduroy, rumpled blazers, and checked shirts, but the combination is nothing short of delightful. It’s a perfect complement to his personality. Watson is steadfast, reasonable, and just appreciates the normalcy of life, and his Eddie Bauer-esque choice of clothes says as much.