25 TV characters you want to be best friends with because they’re cool and you know it

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Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead

Everybody needs someone they can call at the onset of the apocalypse. Daryl Dixon, while an unsuspecting hero, seems like he could save you from any scary situation ever. If a zombie virus overruns the world, I’m probably the most useless person to have around, but if Daryl is my bestie, there’s no way he’s letting me get eaten. He’s loyal that way.

If Daryl and I were ever trapped in a situation in which the world order is crumbling around us, he would totally save me. Even if we had to constantly go back on the road, put ourselves in incredibly dangerous and impractical situations, and the normal social contract became null, he would have my back.

Daryl is probably the most qualified person to have your back as well. He knows his way around a bow, he rides a motorcycle like his life depends on it (and sometimes it does) and he knows how to hunt. These are all very handy skills when the world is falling apart and it’s every man for himself.

Thank goodness it wouldn’t ever be that way for me with Daryl by my side. He wouldn’t let the apocalypse get the best of me, and that’s what friends are for.