Here are 10 Things You Can Do with Family and Friends on Easter

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A couple wear decorative hats and outfits during the 2016 New York City Easter Parade along Fifth Avenue in New York, NY, on March 27, 2016. (Photo by Anthony Behar) *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field ***

When it comes to the holidays, you might not celebrate Easter or really want to be with family. So here are some things to do with friends and family!

With Easter happening all over the world today, it can feel a little lonely or weird for those who don’t celebrate or do not have anyone to celebrate with. So we here at Culturess decided to give you guys a glimpse of what you could do on this Easter Sunday!

Typically in the Christian religion, it is a holiday spent with family and sitting through church services. If you’re just a commercial Christian, there’s a bunny who comes hopping into your house and leaves chocolate for you to find.

But for those who don’t celebrate, it is just a normal Sunday that has everyone making Jesus jokes on Twitter. So if you don’t celebrate or don’t even really know what the holiday is about, it can be weird. But if you look through this list, you might find something fun to do today to make it special for you!

From something simple like watching a movie you like to calling your grandmother, we’re giving you some fun options for this wonderful Sunday! Or just do something else that we didn’t include. Make today about you and the people you want to be around because really, that’s what is more important anyway.