5 Decadent Sweets to Overwhelm Your Easter Sweet Tooth

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The…other Peep Shake?!

Oh no. Oh no. Someone call Mario, because the previous slide just got one-upped. Just… look at it. It’s a milkshake, with Peeps inside…in a Cadbury egg. A giant one. Send help.

Predictably from the earlier segments of this list, this too is from the UK, specifically from a place called the Good Life Diner in London. It’s only available on one day of the year, and that day is…Good Friday. Wait. Hold on. What?!

Good Friday? You sold the most decadent shake imaginable on Good Friday, a day traditionally reserved for fasting and penance? Unless you’re implying that the after effects of consuming this are a penance in of themselves, what the heck? You sell easter egg shakes on Easter, when everyone is ready for sugar comas after 40 days of generically giving up sweets!

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Fortunately (or unfortunately), in spite of this, Good Life Diner seems to be selling plenty of these puppies as shown on its Twitter account. In fact, they sold out of their one-day treat sometime around noon in London. Too bad if you were curious — you’ll have to wait until next year.