Bunny Butt Doughnuts or Peeps, What’s In Your Easter Basket?


Bountiful Easter baskets are filled with sweet treats. This year, would you rather find bunny butt doughnuts or Peeps in your basket?

Easter brings bountiful baskets filled with copious amounts of sweet treats. From peanut butter eggs to jelly beans, everyone has a favorite sweet treat. One iconic Easter treat is Peeps. These sugar coated marshmallow treats are iconic Easter treats. But this year, bunny butt doughnuts may just replace those Peeps.

Glazed and Infused introduced Bunny Butt Doughnuts for Easter. These gourmet doughnuts are as cute as they are delicious. The idea is simple. The center hole is filled with a doughnut hole and little bunny feet are added too. The result looks like a little bunny butt. A plate of these on the Easter brunch table would be adorable.

Bunny Butt Doughnuts at Glazed & Infused, photo from Glazed and Infused

While Chicagoans can go to Glazed and Infused for their special Easter doughnuts, anyone could make these doughnuts at home. Buy some powdered sugar doughnuts and doughnut holes. Add some icing and decorations to make feet. Now, bunny butt doughnuts can be your Easter treat.

But what about Peeps fans? Should we just do away with these sugar coated marshmallow treats? Let be honest. Peeps aren’t going anywhere. At least one box will show up in your house sometime this week.

If you can’t eat a Peep on its own, can you transform it? Peeps recipes are all over the internet. From candy cakes to Easter cocktails, there is a recipe for every color and flavor of Peeps. Recently, even Katie Lee of the Food Network partnered with Peeps at South Beach Wine and Food Festival on a Peeps recipe. Just embrace those little marshmallow treats and move on.

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This year our Easter baskets will have more bunny butt doughnuts than Peeps this year. Sometimes change is good. But, I can’t give up the Peeps completely.