Game of Thrones Might Have One Bright Spot in Season 7


Everything suggests that Game of Thrones’ seventh season will be rather dark, but an interview from one of the show’s stars tells us not all hope is lost.

We effectively knew that season 7 of Game of Thrones would not play nicely from the end of season 6, when Cersei took the Iron Throne and Daenerys set sail for Westeros. Then we saw the first teaser trailer and some particularly dark costumes. However, even a show like Game of Thrones can’t be entirely, unrelentingly dark, right?

Nathalie Emmanuel seems to think so. Via our sister site, Winter is Coming, and ultimately InStyle, here’s some of her take on Grey Worm and Missandei:

"“They’re such a great couple because there’s a purity about their connection. It’s been born of a place of pain and confusion and oppression, so they understand one another. […] In that world of people being butchered and battered and manipulated, there’s this very pure, very sweet thing. It’s special.”"

Granted, we know that Game of Thrones likes to crush things like that, like the hopes and dreams of basically anyone with the surname of Stark. (So too with the fans of the family and those who wished Ned Stark would survive the gauntlet at the end of season 1.)

She has a point, though. Team Daenerys has always had a larger dose of idealism than any of the other factions. It probably has to do with its leader. Why can’t they also have a more standard love story than one might expect from a show that also has Jaime and Cersei Lannister in whatever you can call that relationship other than unhealthy? But it brings us back to the earlier point about the whole season appearing to be quite dark.

Although WiC seems a touch more hopeful than we are, we do know that war is coming. Grey Worm is part of Dany’s army, after all. Just because he has a name doesn’t guarantee he’ll live. You can ask Barristan Selmy, or Brynden Tully. The list really does go on and on. Besides, the same interview also sees Emmanuel mention that Missandei and Daenerys have a relationship as well. She points out their similar stories.

Is it really too far-fetched to think they may share another similarity in the form of both losing the men they love? Think about it. This show doesn’t shy away from parallelism between characters, either. You need not look further than the teaser for season 7 to see that much.

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Game of Thrones returns in July.