Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Finale Spoilers: There Will Be Fire


You can definitely expect the season 13 finale of Grey’s Anatomy to be hot … but not because some relationships are heating up, but maybe an actual fire.

We’re 13 seasons in and Grey’s Anatomy is still doing its best to wreck our lives. They take great pleasure out of causing their characters and the audience great amounts of distress. Let’s be real — none of us have been the same since 007 or the Great Plane Crash of Season 8. And yet, the April 13 episode of Grey’s Anatomy will see Meredith and Riggs on a plane again.

Didn’t Meredith learn?

I’m sorry but if my sister died during a plane crash on a flight that I was on and my  best friend went through serious trauma afterward and another one of my co-workers died while the other lost their leg … I would legitimately never get on a plane again.

However, whatever happens in this week’s “In the Air Tonight” apparently doesn’t compare to what the season 13 finale still has in store for us.

According to Shonda Rhimes, the final episode of the season is “on fire.” But that literally means anything. “On fire” is generally a euphemism for something being amazing.

Yet, Debbie Allen (Director, Catherine Avery) also added:

"“I can only tease that it’s going to be hot for real; it’s on fire. We had night shoots and we were up all night for a couple of weeks, but boy it was great. I was so excited every day.”"

Whether that means a literal fire is unclear, unfortunately. But Grey Sloan and its doctors have been through floods, shootings, hostage situations, bombs, plane crashes, and everything in between. Grey’s Anatomy season finales are no jokes and often leave us near death on the night of and for the following few months the show is on hiatus before the next season returns. Luckily, Grey’s Anatomy has already been renewed for season 14.

And as Allen said, it will be a good season indeed:

"“I think season 14 is going to be spectacular. We’re planting some seeds that you won’t see coming, but you will be waiting to see how it’s all going to play out.”"

You’d think after all this time, we’d be desensitized to some of the things that happen. But I’ll tell you, every time there’s a close call on this show, I still find myself shouting at the TV. It sounds something like, “if this baby dies, I swear to Shonda, I am done with this show!” And then, I’m back in front of the TV the following Thursday.

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Catch the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy this Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.