17 of Our Favorite Doctors on Grey’s Anatomy

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Poster (Credit: ABC)

After 13 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has given us some great doctors, some terrible interns and at least 17 memorable doctors who really made an impression.

Few shows can switch out rosters of characters as swiftly as Grey’s Anatomy can. After thirteen seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has welcomed and dismissed an unusual amount of doctors and actors. That being said, Grey’s Anatomy endures because of these characters. Because of its epic love stories and its central storylines revolving around Meredith Grey and company. While we’ve seen several doctors come and go, some stay with us more than others. Of course, the hierarchy of the hospital gives us a wealth of surgeons to choose from. We have interns, residents, attendings, the Chief of Surgery, and so on and so forth. Except it’s Grey’s Anatomy. At some point, we have to raise the stakes and someone has to die. It’s just the way things go. 

Picking favorite doctors is like playing favorites with your own children. Like Richard Webber, we have to be as objective as possible for the good of the hospital. But that doesn’t change how we feel about Preston “Pressure-saurus Rex” Burke or Lexie “Too Soon” Grey. Some doctors did their job perfectly, but still didn’t emulate the same sort of jaded but well-meaning warmth that only Meredith Grey and your grandmother are capable of. 

Admittedly, Shonda Rhimes created an impeccable, well-written show that she could pin her career on, sure. But not without this cast.

So, here are 17 of our favorite doctors that we love (and miss) the most!