The Long Range Forecast Is in for Wonder Woman and We Don’t Agree


Wonder Woman is the highly anticipated standalone film for the heroine. But reports are coming in that it might only make 83 million opening weekend.

According to this Long Range forecast for Wonder Woman coming out this summer, the movie is slated to make 83 million dollars in its opening weekend. While that sounds like a lot of money, that is less than any other film in the DC Extended Universe made in their opening weekends.

Though, the reasoning behind why it won’t make as much makes sense. The DCEU has had its problems, so they’re thinking that may weigh heavily on Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. But I don’t agree. For years, we’ve been waiting for a Wonder Woman standalone film.

Their Pros and Cons

In the article, they list the pros and cons they think come along with this Wonder Woman film.

"PROS:As the first-ever modern female superhero film, that element alone is driving significant interest at this stage. Being a legacy character with generations’ worth of awareness doesn’t hurt, either. The potential for appeal beyond comic fans is high right now.Twitter sentiment is currently registering more encouraging positive-to-negative scores in line with or slightly stronger than Suicide Squad two months out from release, a notable comparison given that film’s stronger-than-usual (for the genre) appeal to women.Being distanced a full month between both Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. and July’s Spider-Man: Homecoming should help prevent significant audience overlap.The character’s introduction in Batman v Superman was one of the more well-received aspects of that film, giving this solo entry a positive head start. Early trailer reactions have likewise been generally positive among fans.CONS:Unfortunately, it’s probably only a matter of time before the lukewarm word of mouth from prior DCEU flicks catches up as collateral damage against upcoming films on their slate. Strong marketing and reviews would be key steps toward helping prevent this be the film that first occurs with.Despite strong Twitter sentiment, the overall volume of mentions isn’t as massive as previous DC films. Likewise, Facebook fan growth pales in comparison to Suicide Squad at this stage.Being sandwiched in between the opening weekends of Pirates of the Caribbean and June 9’s The Mummy may not be a death sentence, but missing out on Memorial Day weekend business makes the need for strong reviews and word of mouth even more pressing for Wonder Woman (especially with the inital buzz of Pirates‘ latest entry) after a crowded May."

The Importance of Diana

But here is the deal with Wonder Woman: it is all about Diana Prince and the importance she holds for little girls. Of all the superhero stories, Diana’s is one that many little girls look to and want to be like. She’s one of the leaders. She’s important. And she doesn’t let the fact that she’s a woman stop her.

So, to be honest, I personally think this movie is going to be amazing. If it is anything like that little glimpse we got of Diana in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, then we’re going to continue to love her and the Wonder Woman movie as a whole.

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Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2. We’re excited to see what Patty Jenkins has in store for us. After all, we have a lot of hope for this movie!