Some Burning Questions We Already Have About Wynonna Earp’s Season 2

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Is… Is Waverly not an Earp?

I know — this is something you don’t want to be thinking about. I don’t either. But it’s a cold reality we’ll all have to deal with come June 9th. I can’t even watch this scene without chills running down my spine. When it first aired last year, I bet every single person watching was standing in front of their TV’s yelling, WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE’S NOT EVEN AN EARP!?!?! You know, just if I had to guess.

But seriously. I have so many questions and most of them revolve around Waverly not being an Earp. How could she not be an Earp? What is she? Who is her father?

Waverly Earp in ‘Wynonna Earp’ Still. Image Provided by SyFy.

Why did Waverly touch the goo?

WAVERLY, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! Apparently, I spent a lot of time yelling at Waverly during the season 1 finale last year. But c’mon, girl got herself into a lot of trouble. Like touching the goo for instance.

I love Waverly with all my heart. She cares about this town. She cares about her sister. She cares about the curse. But she almost cares about all of this too much. She’s constantly getting herself into situations that could easily be avoided. But it’s Waverly. And she’s never one to back down from getting herself into a pickle. Hopefully, Nicole will come to her rescue next season.