Some Burning Questions We Already Have About Wynonna Earp’s Season 2

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What is this second curse they speak of?

If you’ve been watching the season 2 trailer on repeat for the past week like I have, then you’ve probably heard about a second curse they keep mentioning. Yeah, you heard it right. A second curse. It’s also one of the three taglines they have:

"Second curse. Worse than the first. and since you asked the other two tag lines are: “So many demons. So many donuts. So little time.” “Frisky. Risky. Whiskey.”"

So not only are we worried about everything they left us with in season 1, but now we have an entirely different curse to worry about. What is this curse? Who will it effect? What will it do? Who do we have to fight? But most importantly, how much alcohol should we start stocking up on now to make it through the summer?

I thought the original curse was bad. Now that we have a second one to think about means this season is about to get a helluva lot crazier. But are we complaining!? Nah …