Guilt-free Pampering: Spa services for just $50 during Spa Week


 Getting ready for Spa Week? Well, this spring event offers $50 treatments at participating spas nationwide from April 17-23.

Whether spending days hunched over a computer or feeling stressed just following the news headlines, we all need a little extra TLC these days.

Let’s face it- this has been one stressful year.  While escaping to a desert island may not be a realistic option, carving out a few “me” hours at a local spa may be just what the doctor ordered.

I know.. these places can be intimidating, especially the price tag!  But twice a year the Spa Goddesses shine down upon us with the Spa Week biannual event, coming April 17-23.

Time to get those knots out with a killer massage, slough off winter skin with a nourishing facial or try one of the hot new wellness trends — all without breaking the bank.

Get a “Fanny Facial” for your butt or freeze that butt off with a cryotherapy massage.

Harness the healing of crystal gems to ward off negative energy or detox and purify with a salt crystal treatment.

Trends to Try

The countdown to this ” spa-nanza” has begun, so here’s an early preview of some of the latest crazes to try (You can thank me later):

Radio Frequency Facial-

The RF energy gently heats up tissue to stimulate collagen and elastin production, tighten skin and reduce fine wrinkles so I was all for that… My blood pressure dropped as soon as my weary body hit the warm massage table at Kur Skin Lab, an urban oasis in Midtown NYC.  I tried their customized facial and added the RF treatment – My skin looked visibly tight and toned in just one session- I wonder if it works on arms?

Acupuncture Facial-

Huh? Needles on my face? This “organic face lift”  features tiny needles inserted into specific points to get the blood circulating, stimulate collagen production, and tone skin for a youthful glow.   Orchid Aesthetics in NYC offers their “Exceptional Eyes” acupuncture treatment for Spa Week, so it was time to “pinpoint” my crows feet.  The procedure was surprisingly relaxing, rejuvenating and didn’t hurt at all.

LED Light Therapy- 

This therapy has been used by NASA and The Navy Seals for regenerating muscles and healing wounds, so who am I to question?  The light energy facial stimulates cells to repair sun damaged or acne prone skin.   It was incorporated into my Hydra Facial at Skin Innovations in Newton, MA  since it also improves skin texture and firmness.  My puffy eyes deflated dramatically and I actually looked refreshed and well rested for a change.

Come on, we all deserve it, and at just $50 it’s easy to indulge.  In case you still feel guilty, a portion of the proceeds from Spa Week is donated to this organization, Cancer and Careers. According to their website it “empowers and educates people with cancer to thrive in their workplace, by providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events.”

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Check out offerings from participating spas in your area and book online.