11 Actresses We Think Would Be Perfect to Play Batgirl in the DCEU

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Batgirl Image Provided by DC Comics

As Joss Whedon considers taking on a solo Batgirl film, we contemplate a few actresses who could join him and play the new Barbara Gordon in the DCEU.

In addition to being an iconic member of the Batfamily in the comics, Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl is one of the best Robins and partners of all time in comics history. Her character’s enjoyed several iterations, but her most iconic arc comes from The Killing Joke. For those who don’t know, Batman’s archnemesis, the Joker, attacked Barbara Gordon in her home and tortured both her and her father. Ultimately, Barbara Gorden ended up in a wheelchair and became the Oracle instead.

Recently, news broke that Joss Whedon was in talks with Warner Bros. to adapt Barbara’s story to the big screen for the DC Extended Universe. While it’s unclear if he’s the man for the job, it does mean that they’ll be looking for someone to play one of the best female comic protagonists of all time.

Which means, they’re going to need someone fierce and charismatic. Following the Joss Whedon news, we also learned that this version of Batgirl would be inspired by her run in the New 52 more. Which means she won’t be in a wheelchair. (It’s a long story, but DC Comics decided to do away with that aspect of her representation for some reason.)

So we’ve come up with a few ideas for who could suit up in the purple and gold suit. Here are 11 women we think would make an excellent Batgirl / Barbara Gordon.