Seth Meyers vs Stephen Colbert: American Controversies


This week was filled with controversies and both Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert took on O’Reilly. But what controversy was the worst?

Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert are back at it again. And this time, they’re both sassy and angry. No, really. The two seemed to go head to head in regards to Bill O’Reilly from The O’Reilly Factor. Both called him out and continued to shame everything going on between Trump, Fox News, and Bill O’Reilly.

Seth focused mainly on the news, O’Reilly, and Trump. His “A Closer Look” segment was geared much more towards Trump’s continual commentary on television shows and he even cracked a joke about it. Seth said that Trump should have been sworn into office on a TV Guide rather than a bible. And really, he’s not wrong.

We’ve seen it with Saturday Night Live  and even with award shows. He seems to just golf, go to Mar-a-Lago and then watch television. Must be nice, right?

One thing that Seth didn’t cover but Stephen did was also the controversial Pepsi ad that is taking the Internet by storm. For those who missed it, Pepsi thought an ad where Kendall Jenner solved riots with a can of refreshing Pepsi was fine.

Especially since, you know, there are riots and marches all over the United States and solving it with a Pepsi isn’t exactly going to work. But Colbert also tackles O’Reilly and pretty much everything that Seth also did.

Stephen and Seth seem to be back on the comparing what is happening trend. For a little while there they were covering different stories but now, we have the same once more.

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As usual, both men are doing a great job. Without them, we’d probably just have the Twitter battles and Saturday Night Live sketches to live on. So we owe a lot to Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert.