Pepsi and Kendall Jenner Royally Messed Up With Their New Ad


On Tuesday, Pepsi debuted their new ad “Live For Now Moments Anthem” featuring Kendall Jenner. The backlash was so bad that Pepsi announced it would be pulling the controversial ad Wednesday afternoon.

The ad features Jenner working at a photoshoot on a local street. She watches on as a peaceful group of diverse protesters march by, signs in hand. (What are they even protesting?)

She finally decides to toss off her blonde wig from the photoshoot, at some point (unclear when) change into regular day clothes, and march with them. As they approach a police barricade, Kendall steps forward, offering an officer a can of Pepsi – and peace, at last, is achieved.

Yikes, Pepsi. Really?

It seems that the one thing that could really, truly bring everyone together in such divisive time for our country is a tone-deaf Pepsi ad in the poorest of taste.

One that, earlier in the day Wednesday, Pepsi was even defending.

"“This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony, and we think that’s an important message to convey.”"

Well, you certainly missed the mark on that one, Pepsi.

Twitter and the internet at large, of course, were all over it.

The backlash was so strong that Pepsi announced by midday Wednesday afternoon that it would be pulling the ad, and apologizing to Kendall Jenner.

What was it that Pepsi was looking to accomplish with the ad? The message that a well known white model can just offer officers a can of Pepsi and solve the issue of police brutality? That, had any of the countless civil rights activists, Black Lives Matter supporters, women, men that have been brutalized, harmed, arrested and sometimes even killed for protesting should have just carried Pepsi with them?

Was Jenner really the best choice for an ad about activism, when, according to Vanity Fair, it appears that she’s never even been to a protest, marched for anything, or really…stood up for anything at all?

One also has to wonder why Kendall Jenner is the one receiving an apology. Was she not on set? Did she not comprehend what she was filming? Did she have no inkling in the back of her mind telling her that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t the best idea? She’s Kendall Jenner. I have a hard time imagining that if her or her manager mother had spoken up, Pepsi wouldn’t have snapped their fingers to please them. Let’s be honest.

Regardless of how it all happened, it shouldn’t have happened at all. Period.

Hey Pepsi, remember the good old days?

Maybe just stick with Bey next time.

I can’t imagine anyone I’d want to be less today than a member of the Pepsi PR and marketing team.

Do better, Pepsi.

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So, readers, are you #TeamPepsi or #TeamCoke?