Marvel’s “New Warriors” Picked Up For Series Order with Freeform


Marvel seems to want to double down on its television shows. Up next? New Warriors”on Freeform, starring Squirrel Girl. Wait, who?

If Agents of SHIELDInhumans, and all of the Netflix series weren’t enough, Marvel plans to bring you New Warriors as well.

Much like Cloak and DaggerNew Warriors will premiere on Freeform and is a series order. But who the heck are the New Warriors anyway?

In the comics, they are kind of the junior counterpart to the Avengers — not quite old enough or mature enough to be part of the big times, but not normal enough to play it cool. There have been many iterations of them, none of which have actually included Squirrel Girl, who is a fan favorite. (Hey, anyone who beats Thanos is good in my book! Think that’ll come to fruition in Infinity War?)

Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel Television, said this to The Hollywood Reporter:

"“Marvel’s New Warriors have always been fan favorites and now particularly with the addition of Squirrel Girl, they are Marvel Television favorites as well […] After the amazing experience we’ve had with Freeform on Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger we can’t think of a better place for our young heroes.”"

It’s going to be a very different series than Agents of SHIELD or any of the Defenders’ Netflix shows, that’s for sure.

Jan 8, 2017; Beverly Hills, CA, USA; Anna Kendrick arrives for the 74th Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton. Mandatory Credit: Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY NETWORK

A lot of actresses have tossed their names into the running to play Doreen Green. Anna Kendrick is one of the more notable ones, and she certainly has the personality for it. The other “big name” is Shannon Purser, aka Barb from Netflix’s Stranger Things. Actually, both actresses have started the social media campaign for the part.

Who knows who Marvel and Freeform will pick, but I bet it’ll be fantastic.

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No news yet on the start date, as Freeform still has Cloak and Dagger coming before New Warriors, sometime in 2018.