Want to Know More About the Next Star Trek? So Does Chris Pine


Chris Pine is the star of the Star Trek series but that doesn’t mean he knows everything, especially not with the newest installment to the franchise.

At CinemaCon, Chris Pine talked with MTV about the next installment to the Star Trek series. For those who don’t know, eight months ago they announced it was happening and that Chris Hemsworth would be returning as the father to Pine’s Jim Kirk.

After Star Trek Beyond, fans had a new love for the reboot. In the reboot, we see our heroes in a completely different light. George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) dies within the first few moments of the 2009 Star Trek, which is already different from the original series.

But it isn’t only that, the movies finally seem to have found their voice. With Star Trek: Into Darkness, they were trying a little too hard to make it like Wrath of Khan rather than using their own world they created.

But then came Simon Pegg and Justin Lin with their take on Star Trek: Beyond and it was everything we love about the series and more. So when are we going to know more about the fourth installment of the Star Trek reboot? Well, Chris Pine wants to know too.

Pine’s Thoughts

"I am literally one of the last people to find out. Costume designers find out before me. Prop people find out before me. I can’t wait to make the film. I love everyone in the film. Know that. I love the world. I will be back as many times as they ask me. I love the tall man they call Thor. I’ll do this film. If you can talk to [Star Trek producer] J.J. [Abrams] for me. Let him tell me. I’d like to find out so I can plan my life."

And his frustration is one we share. We just want to know when we will see our heroes again!

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