Chris Pine is a Cowboy Wanting Young Men to Go West


CBS Sports decided to get Chris Pine to get us ready for the Final Four of March Madness and it is weirdly something we should all be into.

As a fan of Chris Pine, this week has been a strange one indeed. First he emerged at CinemaCon with a completely shaved head and had us all questioning if we suddenly like bald guys now. Then he was in the news for his apparent crazy workout regime for Wonder Woman and we don’t even get to see him shirtless.

And now this. For those who are not sports savvy, you might not know that March Madness is currently happening. But don’t worry. The NCAA wants you to tune in for the Final Four and they’re getting your attention with Chris Pine in a cowboy hat yelling about the west and saying hi to a giant picture of his dad from Chips.

So as weird as this video is, it is weirdly attractive. Maybe that’s because Pine is rocking a tight pair of jeans and some cowboy boots or maybe it’s something else. After all, the video doesn’t do much more than state which teams made the Final Four and that it is back out west for the first time in quite a while. Okay, there’s a bit of a history lesson on the phrase “Go west, young man,” but beyond that, it’s a pretty standard promo for a big sporting event like this one.

Why they thought that Chris would be the best option to promote it is beyond me, but I’m not going to complain about it.

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Honestly, I don’t know what is going on in this video but there is something about it that just works. Maybe it is the cowboy hat, maybe it’s the boots. Whatever it is, Bald Chris Pine is making all of us question everything we thought we loved.