Things To Remember During The 100 Season 4 Hiatus You Probably Already Forgot

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Abby Griffin

I know, I know. This show is about Clarke ‘still learning how to be a leader’ Griffin. This is true. But the girl needs to take a few pointers from her mother. Everyone on this show has had to do things to (yup, I’m about to say it again) save their people. Or at least try to save their people. Everyone has done something that, at the time, they believe they needed to do, but still, it haunts them with guilt and regret. Everyone has demons.

And yes, Abby Griffin absolutely has demons. But as I was rewatching the first half of this season and even when I rewatched the entirety of the series before Unity Days in January, I realized something. Abby Griffin is the most morally driven person on this entire show. Petition for her to be the chancellor again. Those were good times. Talk about ‘blood must not have blood.’ Clarke can level up to be the official doctor on the show and Abby can do what she was put on the ground to do. Which is lead, dammit.

Parallels on Parallels on Parallels.

We’ve already established that this entire season is like, one giant throw it in your face parallel of seasons past. That has become quite obvious. Between Octavia’s actual flashback to Lincoln dying in season 4, episode 7 and Raven yelling about Mount Weather every other scene in episode 8, season 4 is quite literally a blast from the past. What does that mean going further? What other things are going to be “echoed” throughout the next few episodes?

Enter: Lexa.

I have this feeling deep down that Lexa’s story isn’t over. Of course, the character is gone and (I assume) won’t make a return. However, I think there’s a reason everyone and their mom keeps bringing her up to Clarke. Or else it just feels like the writers are sticking something into my open wound and twisting it around a bit until I scream, “OKAY NO MORE.” And that would just be rude. So, I’m not saying Lexa’s coming back but I am saying that Lexa’s beliefs will play a critical role in the second half.

Speaking of leadership …

You got me — I wasn’t speaking of leadership. I just needed a title for this blob of words I’m about to throw at you. And you guessed it — it’s going to be about leadership (you know, that ominous quality that less and less people on the show seem to have. Except for Abby Griffin, of course).

Prediction: Gaia is going to find out that this whole “religion” of The Flame and Night Blood is kind of a load of bullshit. Which means everyone is going to find out. Which means — hasta la vista, grounder religion. See ya later, “Commander.”