Things To Remember During The 100 Season 4 Hiatus You Probably Already Forgot

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All aboard the Bellarke train…

Apparently, I’m just steam-rolling ahead on this Bellarke train so here we go …

The history. The chemistry. The tension. The passion. Clarke and Bellamy have been building for 4.5 seasons now. The love that Bellamy feels for Clarke is undeniable and the trust that Clarke has in Bellamy is incomparable. This is all true.

As someone who loooooOOoOoooved Clarke’s relationship with Lexa, I think the plot has been very generous with not only Clarke’s grief for her, but also the audience’s. Yes, Clarke is a busy woman saving almost ever problem on the ground. No, she doesn’t have too much time to mourn. This is The 100 after all. But we have seen her come a long way since then.

And although the show continues to talk about Lexa in almost every other scene, I think little moments throughout this season are beginning to introduce us to the idea that Clarke can love again. Like that precious hug with Dad Kane in season 4, episode 6 when Clarke leaves to deliver the Hydrazine to Raven. Her face literally screamed, “omg, is this what an emotion feels like!?” Also, the night spent with Niylah? And even more importantly, the dialogue exchanged between her and Niylah where Niylah basically said, “relationships aren’t my jam but you’re a fun one-night stand, thanks!” As much as I love Niylah and Clarke, I don’t see them going any further in their relationship.

AND. To add onto this. Clarke was constantly a worried mess about Bellamy each episode. “Where’s Bellamy?” “Is Bellamy back yet?” “Has Bellamy radioed?” Talk about CLINGY. Something is happening here and we have an entire second half of a season to figure out what it is.