Things To Remember During The 100 Season 4 Hiatus You Probably Already Forgot

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You get some night blood. And you get some night blood.


Okay, now I’m just getting ahead of myself. Not everybody will get night blood. But. If I’m not mistaken, there are still a few more vials of Luna’s night blood bone marrow concoction. They didn’t show us those extra vials for nothing, right? This leads me to believe that other people will become night bloods as well. And this could come in handy. Because when you have night blood, you’re basically invincible. Well, at least to radiation and black rain and other things that come with the second Apocalypse.

But who gets it!?

Current theories:

  • Abby and Raven. Both of them have serious brain damage. That’s just a fact. If they take the flame, would that brain damage go away? I’m not talking make one of them the commander but I am saying that maybe if they put it in, it would heal their brain damage, and then they could safely remove it? Is that a stretch? Probably.
  • Murphy and Emori. I don’t know about you but if my “friends” were about to throw my girlfriend into a little glass box and fill it will radiation; I’d be pretty pissed. So my first choice wouldn’t be to hunker down in a fall-out shelter with them for the next billion years. Anyway, Emori was never one to stick around in groups. A nice parting gift from Clarke would be to shoot them up with some night blood so they have a decent chance of survival. You know, like a “Sorry I almost fried you and your girlfriend in this little radiation oven but don’t worry because I bear that guilt so you don’t have to” kinda thing! Makes sense.