6 Ways to Avoid Having to Deal with April Fools’ Day

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6. Hang out with Like-Minded Friends

We’ve heard it said that “great minds think alike,” and you may have some friends who, like you, share some issues with April Fools’ Day. Sometimes, making last-minute plans ends up being more fun than setting things in stone weeks ahead of time. (Of course, we know that everyone seems so busy these days, but weekends are at least a little easier to work with than weekdays, right?)

Movies like Beauty and the Beast are still in theaters. Maybe you all meet up and have a movie marathon of all the recent releases. For you Marvel fans, Doctor Strange is now available to rent, Potterheads can go for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Star Wars enthusiasts have Rogue One to cry over once again. You could even go for a crossover marathon of epic proportions! There’s no stopping you. Well, about the only thing that could stop you is failing to come to something resembling consensus.

If your friends are all over the country, maybe you set up a group video chat session tonight just to catch up with each other. There are also sites like Watch2Gether that can help you create a synced playlist of videos to watch even if you’re not in the same room.

And maybe all of your friends are busy. Even just opening up a text or a new message to them can make April Fools’ Day a little bit brighter.