Seth Meyers vs Stephen Colbert: The Country is Still Weird


Every day we have new clips from Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers but the two had a bit of a different take on the news on last night’s shows.

With Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert, we seem to have a head to head battle every day. Except last night Seth kind of stuck with what he knew and didn’t really go too in depth with anything. He stuck with his “Weekend Update” esque monologue and covered everything going on in our country.

And really, this was the best thing they could have ever done for Seth. Letting him tackle his monologue like a Weekend Update segment really made the show have a feel that was genuine to Seth and would let him tackle the issues he wanted to bring up.

Check it out:

And then Colbert came in and took all the glory. Stephen tackled the Congress vote on internet privacy, something we no longer have. Basically companies can now search your browser history to try and sell you things.

So when you think about that sweater you’re looking at, Facebook is going to shove it down your throat until you end up buying it or deleting the internet all together.

Colbert also addressed Trump’s speech for Women’s History Month. If you missed it, Trump said “Have you heard of Susan B. Anthony?” And so Stephen took on Trump’s address to the women’s empowerment movement.

So while they are both men talking about Trump commenting on women, it is still something. And also, Trump won’t even throw a baseball so what even is happening in this country.

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Again, watch both these men. They’re really some of the only late night talk show hosts actually trying to take on Trump. Everyone else is shaming away and these two are making it interesting to hear.