Seth Meyers vs Stephen Colbert: Nunes and the Joke Thief


When it comes to Nunes and the investigation with Russia, both Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert brought their A game. Too bad Colbert crushed it.

This week in Seth Meyers versus Stephen Colbert, Stephen wins by default. Why you ask? Because Seth’s writers very clearly took their big joke from Twitter and I don’t like that. The Dude joke that Seth relied on during his A Closer Look segment was a Twitter joke that came about 2 weeks ago.

We had gotten news about Trump and his tax returns and someone tweeted out the scene from The Big Lebowski when the Dude is in the back of the car. The same clip that Seth used in his segment. So basically, he took a meme and made it his own rather than using a different joke. Either way, it just sits wrong with me and I don’t like it.

Other than that, the segment was fine. Seth just went through everything and gave us the news on Nunes and the investigation with Russia.

And then Stephen Colbert came around and destroyed Seth’s attempt at a meme joke in two seconds. Yes, I’m talking about that Jack Ryan joke storm. The Tom Clancy novels following the character of Jack Ryan are an American classic (one that many connect to James Bond). So when Colbert took each title to talk about Trump, it was funny, clever, and from what I’ve seen, completely original.

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As per usual, both these men are doing a great job. They are taking on Trump and explaining the situations to us in a way that has us intrigued and wanting to watch. Seth just kind of stole a joke and it rubbed me the wrong way so Colbert wins this round.