Full Frontal: Government Worked, Schoolhouse-Rock Style


Full Frontal takes us down to Georgia for a triumphant bipartisan conclusion to last year’s super-depressing rape kit bill story.

Covering political news is no joke these days–Samantha Bee would probably be the first person to tell you that it’s pretty grim stuff, though Full Frontal is doing a bang-up job of making it a bit more palatable.

That makes the rare diamond-in-the-rough victory all the sweeter.

I’m not talking about the failure of Trumpcare, actually, though Sam did break that down this week. I’m talking about the triumphant conclusion of Full Frontal’s rape kit story.

About a year ago, Full Frontal covered the story of a rape kit bill in Georgia. The bill, which passed unanimously in the state house, would solve the heinous problem of thousands of untested rape kits literally sitting on shelves and getting destroyed to make room for more untested rape kits. However, at the time, the bill had been blocked. Why? Because everything is a lie, that’s why.

But that’s where the good news update comes in. As Sam says: “By this point in the show, you may be down on legislators, the state of Georgia, and humanity in general. But I’m going to fix that!”

Full Frontal uses interviews and seriously awesome animation to fill us in on the triumphant conclusion of the rape kit bill. Georgian State Representative Scott Holcomb (D-Atlanta) worked across party and legislative lines, teaming up with Republicans and state senators to push the bill across the finish line.

The bill passed the House with a unanimous vote, then got blocked by a state senator who wouldn’t even allow it to have a hearing in the committee to which it had been assigned. With four or five days left in the session, Rep. Holcomb was called to talk to the Speaker of the House David Ralston, a Republican.

In the words of Rep. Holcomb: “He asked very directly, ‘What the f*uck is wrong with Renee?'”

After that, they were off to the races. Long story short, the Georgian legislature successfully passed the bill minutes before the end of the session, proving that there is some hope in the dark political wilderness after all.

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