Captain Marvel: Alien Nation Makes The Case For Carol Danvers


The video series features the current Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, along with some seriously talented female musicians

There have been about a million different versions of Captain Marvel throughout the years. One was a New Orleans police lieutenant, while quite a few were alien visitors who conveniently looked a lot like humans. The current one, however, is Air Force Major Carol Danvers. Thanks to a recent interest in complex, full-fledged female superheroes, she’s proving to be massively popular.

Carol Danvers has been around for nearly as long as the Captain Marvel title. However, she wasn’t always known by that name. Her previous roles include Ms. Marvel, Binary, and Warbird. With all that in mind, though, her job right now is far larger. Yet, being a spacefaring superhero doesn’t mean you’re above certain duties.

As of now, she’s looking around for funds to help her latest team, Alpha Flight.

In the latest storyline, The Mighty Captain Marvel, Carol has to deal with the consequences of being one of the most powerful women alive. Danvers and Alpha Flight have agreed to a Hollywood-style adaptation of the Captain Marvel story. They’re hoping that royalties from the production will pay for the team’s massive space station and good deeds. This includes housing alien refugees, some of whom bear an important complication for Danvers’ powers.

Recently, Marvel has begun releasing “Captain Marvel: Alien Nation”, a video series focusing on her most recent comics run. They also discuss Captain Marvel’s place in modern pop culture, especially the more recent push for better female representation.  These short films includes commentary from series writer Margaret Stohl and editor Sana Amanat.

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“Captain Marvel: Alien Nation” also features music by female artists. Of the three videos currently out, each features a different female artist or group. These include The Pretty Reckless, Glass Candy, and Japanese Breakfast.

Michelle Zauner, of Japanese Breakfast, has a lot of positive things to say about the series and the changing face of comics in general. In a recent interview with SyFy’s Blastr, she said

"I love how much Marvel has embraced a more modern representation of women, especially women of color in their comics. I think my music is perfect for this series because I embrace being a mixed race woman in a genre that’s generally pretty dominated by white men. The faces of indie rock are changing a lot like the faces of comics."

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“Captain Marvel: Alien Nation” reveals much about Carol Danvers and her unusual situation. The Mighty Captain Marvel #3 is already out in your local comic stores now. Find your local shop with Comic Shop Locator.