Legion Season One, Episode Eight Recap: Chapter Eight


The season finale of Legion is here and really, did you think all our questions would be answered? Either way, it was absolutely incredible!

The finale to Legion did just what we thought it would. Meaning confused us even more but was awesome none the less. The thing about the show is that it is a psychedelic trip like no other. And this last episode of season one really had us on the edge of our seats!

Humanizing a Villain

When it comes to D3 and Clark, we hated him from episode one. He was trying to hurt David and we weren’t supposed to feel for him. Then this episode came and all the things we thought we knew were convoluted and everything changed.

Clark has a family and a husband and he seemed like a halfway decent man. And it was definitely a ploy since now we’re going to see D3 and Melanie Bird’s crew working together in season 2. Or at least, that’s how they set it up for the next season.

Knowing You’re Not Crazy

There was a moment before David really decided to help with Clark where he talked about believing in his powers that was really sweet. He said that if he didn’t believe in his powers then he would just be back in the institution from the first episode.

There wasn’t much to it, just showing us that David still fears that none of this is real. That this is all still in his head and that he’s going to wake up back in the hospital.

David and D3

“War is over, if you want it.” D3 has been haunting David and his friends since the first episode. They are at every turn and the war was beginning between the mutants and D3. That was until they realized who their war was really against.

Once Lenny is gone and David is running around trying to find everyone, Clark finally looks at David and the two agree that they have to work together now. There are bigger problems than just the mutants and the government. They have to tackle Lenny and hopefully in season 2, they really will work together.

Unmake Soup

When Cary is trying to figure out how to separate Lenny and David, Syd is back in the astroplane trying to talk to Lenny. She tells Syd that if they tried to separate David and Lenny without Lenny willingly leaving, it would kill David.

So as we see, Lenny did willingly escape (only after Syd forced her hand) but then she found a new place to live.

Children of the Revolution

If you didn’t wait until after the credits, you missed quite the twist! But before that, the last scene showed us what happened to Lenny and Oliver. Surprise! Lenny took over Oliver and the two are driving “some place warm”.

And if that twist wasn’t enough, the scene after the credits showed Syd and David standing on the back porch when some gadget came and scanned David. Suddenly it took David inside it and now we don’t know where it was taking him or who sent it! Unfortunately for us, we’ll all have to wait until season 2 to find out.

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