Legion Season One, Episode Seven Recap: Chapter Seven


The confusing show that has us all hooked had one amazing episode this week and we enjoyed every bit of the new Legion chapter!

Legion had quite the episode and we were lucky enough to just watch it. Well the cats out of the bag! That is, if you didn’t already know who David Haller was connected to. And honestly, this was just a great episode to start to clarify things.

For the first couple, everything was a mess of things we didn’t understand and no explanation. But that was really the point. David Haller didn’t know what was happening in his life and so we didn’t know

Charles Xavier

Did you notice the chair of the man who brought David to his adoptive parents? No? Well, that’s your mistake because it was the famed wheelchair of Charles Xavier! The x-wheels spun into the home of the Hallers and brought this little boy into their lives.

Oliver Bird

Olivier ended up saving everyone this episode and escaped from the astroplane. He had been stuck there for years but apparently it took his wife and her mutants being in danger for him to emerge.

But he just is a pretty awesome character. Melanie thought that he was going to be gone forever until he cooked everyone food and they were having a lovely reunion until D3 came for David once again.


David and Syd were both trapped respectively. David in the dark park of his own mind and Syd in David’s childhood bed. That is until Cary came to save her. And then Syd got to shame Cary when he tried to act as if Syd didn’t know what was going on.

But then he gave her glasses from Oliver that helps her see what is real and what is in their head and that’s when things got interesting.

British David

David’s rational mind just so happens to be real Dan Stevens. The British rational part of his brain helped David realize what the monster in his mind was and how to defeat him. He told David about his past and what details he did know so that he could help himself and his friends escape from the astroplane and save themselves.

It was also just cool to see Dan Stevens using his real accent in a scene. We’re now used to his American one that we forget how amazing his real accent is.

You Rise When the King Arrives

This episode got artsy but we ended up really enjoying it. Or at least I did. It had a whole silent film segment where Lenny (or the monster) was attacking Syd and Kerry and really, it was the general idea of the show as well as a perfect moment to show David figuring out his own powers.

Overall, this episode was awesome and really set the tone for the finale next week!

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